What is Godhead Machinery

Godhead Machinery is an unorthodox black/death metal constellation with the main purpose to analyze the ongoing religious greed and corruption that swallows all that can be eaten in this world.

The world is, and has always been infected by egocentric leaders, most chosen in the name of religion or directly by God. These fools have during centuries formed the uneven economic structure that rule the world economy now. A blind system who calculates on economic profit and rewards short-term investments without any thoughts of any social or environmental sustainability.

The stock-market is an uncontrolled growing tumor and greed has invented tons of tools for the elite to create and extract non existing funds from this human-made unreliable financial monster. The gap between the rich and poor are increasing each year which triggers hate within several groups and nations.

People kill and rape each other for power, money or in the name of their God or Gods. Morality has faded in general and states have problems to fulfill the basic need for their citizens. The elite empower themselves with lapdogs of mammon or shackles them as slaves if the nickels doesn’t bite on them. Governments and companies claimed to do good deeds but still support war and miserable living conditions as long as they’re not exposed. Knowledge and science must give in for superstition and religion to not offend uneducated leading character in numerous of societies.

Most of the human race has accepted to stay blind and numb, all to engage their lives to enrich their companies and superiors. The next generation of children are raised and schooled to do the same as soon as possible

without any hesitance.

Religion is the first, strongest and the most central instrument to control mankind. Most societies are mainly based on religious laws. Corruption, war and short-term actions have fueled the fear and terror on the globe and all is claimed as a part of Gods grandeur plan if questioned. God has always been the largest cog in this machinery of

today's wicked system.

The name Godhead Machinery summarizes the hell that wicked leadership and religions has caused this planet during centuries. The debut album name Ouroboros is taken from the serpent that eats its own tail. Ouroboros symbolizes the infinity cycle, constantly re-creating itself like the corruption and falseness has done since the first civilizations arose, on this floating grit in the universe, called Earth.

Earth may be a paradise for some but a limbo or even a real hell for others.

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