Bio & Members

Biography & Members



Godhead Machinery was started by Robert Kail Karlsson during 2015 in the aftermath of his previous black metal band Misericordia, and after a lot of studies within religion and political structures that permeates this world.


Godhead Machinery entered MILK Studio in Sweden right after the magnificent drummer Marcus "Somliga" Andersson joined the band during the 2016.


The recording of their debut album Ouroboros contains seven tracks and was finalized during April 2017. The metal machinery of Godhead is therefore on the move and targets new labels/managements/booking agencies to co-operate with for their upcoming release of the now finalized seven track album Ouroboros.



Niklas Ekwall - Vocals

Robert Kail Karlsson - Guitar & Background Vocals

Fredrik Blomqvist - Guitar

Daniel Forsberg - Bass

Marcus Somliga Andersson - Drums


Session musician on Ouroboros

David Engström - Brass

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